MSC at Brockton (3/15/19)

All Girls Chapter: We introduce the concepts of momentum and conservation of energy to a group of future scientists.

A few quotes from the MSC Team:

“It was different teaching all girls. I saw myself from years ago in them, and I felt like they saw role models in us.” – Stella Kraus

“We had to learn to be flexible and modify our methods. But in the end, it all worked out— it was fun introducing them to potential and kinetic energy.” – Karis McCaskill

“We had fun exploring physics with the kids and learning how our world works with just hot wheel toys. I thought prepping for this session was a cool experience in itself —strategizing how to effectively teach somewhat involved scientific theories with toy cars to first and second graders” – Hannah Kim

“A lot of girls were quiet at first. We really encouraged them to speak more and go out of there comfort zones.” – Kylan Gould

“They started becoming really inquisitive—being really curious and asking lots of questions.” – Victoria Pinkett

“We were more organized and knew more of what we were doing—more confident. I know that girls are not fully represented or present in the STEM fields, but through MSC, I had the opportunity to inspire these young girls to pursue their newfound passions.” – Gillian Varnum

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